Flamengo at Maracana! Photo by Alex from England.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Maracana 2014 Football Games Schedule in Rio de Janeiro

All games are still to have day, time and venue confirmed. Please ask.

18th 7:30pm Vasco da Gama 1x1 Boavista at São Januário Stadium
19th 5pm Flamengo 1x0 Audax-Rio at Maracanã Stadium
21st 7:30pm Botafogo 0x0 Bangu at São Januario Stadium
23rd 7:30pm Fluminense 1x1 Bonsucesso at Maracanã Stadium
25th 7:30pm Flamengo 2x2 Duque de Caxias at Maracanã Stadium
26th 7:30pm Vasco da Gama 6x0 Friburguense at São Januário Stadium
29th 10pm Fluminense 1x0 Resende at Maracanã Stadium
02nd 7:30pm Vasco da Gama 1x0 Botafogo (Derby) at Maracanã Stadium  
05th 10pm Botafogo 4x0 Deportivo Quito (ECUADOR) at Maracanã Stadium- Libertadores Cup
08th 7:30pm Flamengo 0x3 Fluminense (Derby) at Maracanã Stadium  
11th 8pm Botafogo 2x0 San Lorenzo (ARGENTINA) at Maracanã Stadium- Libertadores Cup
15th 7:30pm Fluminense 4x1 Boavista at Maracanã Stadium  
16th 4pm Vasco da Gama 1x2 Flamengo (Derby) at Maracanã Stadium  
19th 10pm Flamengo 2x0 Madureira at Maracanã Stadium  
20th 7:30pm Botafogo 1x1 Volta Redonda at Maracanã Stadium  
23rd 4pm Vasco da Gama 1x2 Cabofriense at São Januário Stadium  
23rd 4pm Fluminense 0x3 Botafogo (Derby) at Maracanã Stadium 
26th 10pm Flamengo 3x1 Emelec (ECUADOR) at Maracanã Stadium - Libertadores Cup   


01st  6:30pm Flamengo 2x0 Nova Iguaçu at Maracanã Stadium  
05th 7:30pm Fluminense 5x1 Friburguense at Maracanã Stadium  
05th 7:30pm Vasco da Gama 2x0 Resende at São Januário Stadium  
08th 6:30pm Vasco da Gama 1x1 Bonsucesso at São Januário Stadium  
09th 6:30pm Botafogo 0x2 Flamengo (Derby) at Maracanã Stadium  
12th 10pm Flamengo 2x2 Bolivar (BOLIVIA) at Maracanã Stadium- Libertadores Cup  
16th 6:30pm Fluminense 1x1 Vasco da Gama (Derby) at Maracanã Stadium  
18th 10pm Botafogo 1x0 Independiente del Valle (ECUADOR) at Maracanã Stadium- Libertadores Cup
23rd 4pm Flamengo 5x3 Cabofriense at Maracanã Stadium  
26th 10pm Rio's State League Semifinal - Cabofriense 0x3 Flamengo at Maracanã Stadium
27th 9pm Rio's State League Semifinal - Vasco 1x1 Fluminense (Derby)at Maracanã Stadium
29th 6:30pm Rio's State League Semifinal - Flamengo 3x1 Cabofriense at Maracanã Stadium
30th 4pm Rio's State League Semifinal - Fluminense 0x1 Vasco (Derby) at Maracanã Stadium

2nd 7:45pm Botafogo 0x1 Union Española (CHILE) at Maracanã Stadium- Libertadores Cup
06th 4pm Rio's State League Final - Game 1 - Vasco 1x1 Flamengo at Maracanã Stadium
09th 7:45pm Flamengo 2x3 Leon (MEXICO) at Maracanã Stadium- Libertadores Cup  
10th 7:30pm Fluminense 5x0 Horizonte (CE) at Maracanã Stadium- Brazil's Cup  
13rd 4pm Rio's State League Final - Game 2 - Flamengo 1x1 Vasco at Maracanã Stadium   
19th 6:30pm Fluminense 3x0 Figueirense at Maracanã Stadium  
27th 4pm Botafogo 2x2 Internacional at Maracanã Stadium


03rd 9pm Fluminense 1x2 Vitoria at Maracanã Stadium
04th 4pm Flamengo 4x2 Palmeiras at Maracanã Stadium
10th 9pm Botafogo 6x0 Criciuma at Maracanã Stadium
11th 4pm  Fluminense 2x0 Flamengo (Derby) at Maracanã Stadium
18th 4pm Flamengo 0x2 São Paulo at Maracanã Stadium
21st  7:30pm Flamengo 1x1 Bahia - in Macaé City
21st 10pm Fluminense 5x2 São Paulo at Maracanã Stadium (Last game at Maracana before WC)
25th 6:30pm Botafogo 1x1 Vitoria - in Macaé City
29th 7:30pm Flamengo 1x1 Figueirense - in São Paulo City

JUNE-2014 - World Cup

1st 6:30pm Fluminense 1x1 Internacional - in Macaé City
Next local game in Maracanã will be after World Cup final 
12th at 5pm BRAZIL 3x1 CROATIA in São Paulo City
15th at 7pm ARGENTINA 2x1 BOSNIA at Maracanã Stadium
17th at 4pm BRAZIL 0x0 MEXICO in Fortaleza City
18th at 4pm SPAIN 0x2 CHILE at Maracanã Stadium
22nd at 1pm BELGIUM 1x0 RUSSIA at Maracanã Stadium
23rd at 5pm BRAZIL 4x1 CAMEROON in Brasilia City
25th at 5pm ECUADOR 0x0 FRANCE at Maracanã Stadium
28th at 1pm BRAZIL 1x1 (3x2) CHILE in Belo Horizonte City
28th at 5pm COLOMBIA 2x0 URUGUAY at Maracanã Stadium

JULY-2014 - World Cup

4th at 1pm FRANCE 0x1 GERMANY at Maracanã Stadium
4th at 5pm BRAZIL 2x1 COLOMBIA in Fortaleza City
08th at 5pm BRAZIL 1x7 GERMANY in Belo Horizonte City
12th a5pm BRAZIL 0x3 HOLLAND in Brasilia City
13th at 4pm World Cup Final ARGENTINA 0x0 (0x1) GERMANY at Maracanã Stadium
16th at 10pm Flamengo 1x2 Atletico PR in Macae City (Maracana still under FIFA control)
19th at 9pm Botafogo 1x0 Coritiba in Volta Redonda City (Maracana still under FIFA control)
20th at 6:30pm Fluminense 1x0 Santos in Volta Redonda City (Maracana still under FIFA control)
27th at 6:30pm Flamengo 1x0 Botafogo (Derby) at Maracanã Stadium


2nd at 6:30pm Botafogo 1x1 Cruzeiro at Maracanã Stadium
3rd at 6:30pm Fluminense 2x0 Goias at Maracanã Stadium
9th at 9pm Fluminense 1x1 Coritiba at Maracanã Stadium
10th at 4pm Flamengo 1x0 Sport at Maracanã Stadium
13th at 10pm Fluminense 2x5 America RN at Maracanã Stadium 
17th Botafogo 2x0 Fluminense (Derby) MOVED to Brasilia City
20th at 10pm Flamengo 2x1 Atletico MG at Maracanã Stadium
23rd at 6:30pm Botafogo 1x0 Chapecoense at Maracanã Stadium
24th at 4pm Fluminense 4x0 Sport at Maracanã Stadium
27th at 10pm Botafogo 1x2 Ceará at Maracanã Stadium (Brazil's Cup)
28th at 6pm Fluminense 2x1 Goias at Maracana Stadium (South American Cup)
31st at 4pm Botafogo 1x0 Santos at Maracanã Stadium


03rd at 10pm Flamengo 3x0 Coritiba at Maracanã Stadium (Brazil's Cup)
06th at 6:30pm Flamengo 0x1 Gremio at Maracanã Stadium
07th at 4pm Fluminense 3x3 Cruzeiro at Maracanã Stadium
10th at 10pm Botafogo 2x4 São Paulo at Maracanã Stadium
14th at 4pm Flamengo 1x0 Corinthians at Maracanã Stadium
13th at 6:30pm Fluminense 3x0 Palmeiras at Maracanã Stadium
17th at 10pm Botafogo 2x3 Bahia at Maracanã Stadium
21st at 4pm Flamengo 1x1 Fluminense (Derby) at Maracanã Stadium
24th at 10pm Fluminense 0x0 Gremio at Maracanã Stadium
25th at 7:30pm Botafogo 1x0 Goias at Maracanã Stadium
28th at 4pm Botafogo 0x2 Gremio at Maracanã Stadium


01st at 7:30pm Botafogo 2x3 Santos at Maracanã Stadium (Brazil's Cup)
04th at 4:20pm Flamengo 0x1 Santos at Maracanã Stadium
04th at 4:20pm Fluminense 1x1 Bahia in Brasilia City
08th at 7:30pm Botafogo 0x1 Palmeiras at Maracanã Stadium
09th at 7:30pm Fluminense 0x0 Atletico MG at Maracanã Stadium
11th at 6:30pm Botafogo 1x0 Corinthians in Manaus City
12th at 4pm Flamengo 3x0 Cruzeiro at Maracanã Stadium
15th at 10pm Flamengo 1x0 America RN at Maracanã Stadium (Brazil's Cup)
18th at 6:30pm Fluminense 4x2 Criciuma at Maracanã Stadium
19th at 6:30pm Botafogo 1x1 Sport in Volta Redonda City
22nd at 7:30pm Flamengo 2x0 Internacional at Maracanã Stadium
25th at 4:20pm Fluminense 2x1 Atletico PR at Maracanã Stadium
25th at 4:20pm Botafogo 2x1 Flamengo (Derby) in Manaus City
29th at 10pm Flamengo 2x0 Atletico MG (Brazil's Cup semifinal) at Maracanã Stadium


2nd at 7:30pm Flamengo 3x0 Chapecoense at Maracanã Stadium
8th at 4:20pm Vasco 1x0 ABC at Maracanã Stadium
15th at 7:30pm Fluminense 1x0 Botafogo (Derby) at Maracanã Stadium
16th at 5pm Flamengo 3x2 Coritiba at Maracanã Stadium
19th at 7:30pm Botafogo 0x1 Figueirense at São Januario Stadium
20th at 7:30pm Fluminense 1x4 Chapecoense at Maracanã Stadium
22nd at 4:20pm Vasco 1x1 Icasa at Maracanã Stadium
30th at 5pm Fluminense 5x2 Corinthians at Maracanã Stadium

27th at 4pm Stars Game at Maracana Stadium (charity game)
                         END of the SEASON 
The 2015 football schedule will be published soon.
2015 football season starts on 1st february.


kris said...

Thanks for info Sergio BTW the Maracana looking amazing!

A VanderAsch said...

Sergio, I wish to know where you can buy tickets for the football games played in the Maracana. The lines at the ticket office of the Maracana are far too long. is there another place in Rio? The Maracana website is not helpful at all. Obrigada, Alice

Sergio said...

Hi Alice,
Every game it's announced where to go buy tickets. It's usually at the club and at Maracana among other places in the suburbs. Lines occurs depending on the game. It's possible to buy at Maracana website, but still you'd have to go to Maracana to pickup your ticket... Please contact me directly if you need any further information, ok? Cheers. Sergio

Anonymous said...

We arrive from our South American highlights tour into Rio about Oct.11th for 1 week and see Oct.12th is the only gam,e in the stadium there...12th Flamengo x Cruzeiro at Maracanã Stadium!! How to get tickets? cheap and reasonable prices and from our hostel in Rio to there safely? options?

Sergio said...

Hi there.
thanks for visiting the blog.
They haven't yet confirm the time of games in october. But tickets will only be available by then.
Hotels/hostels do offer packages. Please e-mail me direct for further information.
Cheers. Sergio

A VanderAsch said...

have a great holiday Sergio, by the way I bought tickets at a shop in Via Parque. bjs

francisco zuñiga said...

estimados, fixture de diciembre.. solo hay un partido?


Sergio said...

Si. El campeonato termina en la prumeira semana de deciembre.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sergio:
I'm coming to Rio to celebrate my daughters wedding and altogether we will be 14 people. We have limited days in Rio and want to see a futbol game before we leave on December 7th. We will have December 3rd, 4th and 5th available to see a game. I noticed that there are no games at Maracana during those days. What futbol games are available and where?

Sergio said...

Hi Mindy.
Thanks for visiting the blog.
Unfortunatelly there is no game scheduled on 3rd, 4th and 5th december in Brazil. Sorry. The last round of Brazil's football league is on Sunday 7th. There is a possibility of a game on Saturday 6th.
Please let me know if you need any further information. You can also e-mail directly.
Thanks again. Cheers. Sergio

Anonymous said...

Hi Sergio, there are two of us visiting Rio and would like to go to a football game, most likely on 23 Nov. Can you please contact me at to discuss? Regards, Catherine

thrashaholico said...

Hi sergio! im want buy some tickets to the last match, botafogo vs atletico mineiro. you know where i can find it? approximate value of tickets?

Sergio said...

Hi there, Please write me directky at my e-mail and I will give you further information.
Tickets aren't on sale yet anyway. Cheers.

Nick said...

Hi Sergio,

I am glad I found your blog. I will be in Rio December 16-23 and see no scheduled games. Will there be ANY types of matches going on during this time? If so, what is the best way to get tickets?

Thank you in advance,


Sergio said...

Hi Nick,
Thanks for visiting by.
Unfortunatelly the football season ends on 6th december.
So far there is no football game scheduled for the period you wil be in Rio.
Sorry about that man.
But feel free to contact me directly if yu need any further information, ok?