Flamengo at Maracana! Photo by Alex from England.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Maracana 2010 Schedule

ATENTION: MARACANA IS CLOSED for renovation due to the World Cup in 2014. :-( Most games are now being played at Engenhão Stadium. Please see fixture below for games at other venues in Rio de Janeiro in 2010 . Contact me for further information. Carioca's 2011 Championship schedule is ready.
17th Sunday 5pm Flamengo 3x2 Duque de Caxias
20th Wednesday 4pm Fluminense 3x0 Bangu
24th Sunday 5pm Fluminense 1x0 Volta Redonda
24th Sunday 7:30pm Botafogo 0x6 Vasco at Engenhão Stadium DERBY
27th Wednesday 7:30pm Flamengo 3x2 Americano
31st Sunday 7:30pm Fluminense 3x5 Flamengo DERBY
3rd Wednesday 9:50pm Flamengo 3x3 Olaria
4th Thursday 7:30pm Botafogo 4x1 Madureira
4th Thursday 9:50pm Fluminense 3x0 Boavista
13th Saturday 6:30pm Vasco 0x0 Fluminense (6-5) Semi-Final 1
17th Wednesday 9:50pm Flamengo 1x2 Botafogo Semi-Final 2
21st Sunday Guanabara's Cup Final Botafogo 2x0 Vasco
24th Wednesday 9:50pm Flamengo 2x0 Universidad Catolica (Chile) - Libertadores Cup
28th Sunday 5pm Fluminense 5x1 Friburguense
3rd Wednesday 9.50pm Flamengo 2x0 Madureira
7th Sunday 7.30pm Fluminense 2x1 Botafogo DERBY
10th Wednesday 7.30pm Fluminese 2x0 Confiança - Brazil's Cup
14th Sunday 7.30pm Flamengo 1x0 Vasco DERBY
20th Saturday 7.30pm Vasco 0x1 Olaria - GAME TRANSFERRED
21st Sunday 5pm Fluminense 2x1 Resende - GAME TRANSFERRED
21st Sunday 7.30pm Botafogo 2x2 Flamengo at Engenhão Stadium DERBY

24th Wednesday 7.30pm Flamengo 3x1 Tigres At Engenhao Stadium
28th Sunday 4pm Flamengo 2x1 América - At Engenhao Stadium
28th Sunday 6.30pm Vasco 3x0 Fluminense DERBY
4th Sunday 4pm Fluminense 3x1 Macaé
8th Thursday 4pm Flamengo 2x2 Universidad de Chile - Libertadores Cup
10th Saturday 6:30pm Botafogo 3x2 Fluminense - Rio's Cup Semi-Final - Derby
11th Sunday 4pm
Flamengo 2x1 Vasco - Rio's Cup Semi-Final - Derby
18th Sunday 4pm Flamengo 1x2 Botafogo -
Botafogo Champion of Rio
21st Wednesday 9:50pm Flamengo 3x2 Caracas (VEN) - Libertadores Cup
22nd Thursday 9pm Fluminense 3x2 Portuguesa (SP) -
Brazil's Cup
28th Wednesday 9:50pm Flamengo 1x0 Corinthians SP - Libertadores Cup
29th Thursday 9:30pm Fluminense 2x3 Gremio RS - Brazil's Cup
May - Start of Brazilian Championship
08th Saturday 6.30pm Botafogo RJ 3x3 Santos SP - Engenhão Stadium
09th Sunday 4pm Flamengo RJ 1x1 São Paulo SP
12th Wednesday 7:30pm Flamengo 2x3 Universidad de Chile - Libertadores Cup
15th Saturday 6.30pm Fluminense RJ 1x0 Atlético GO
16th Sunday 6.30pm Vasco RJ 0x0 Palmeiras SP - São Januário Stadium
22nd Saturday 6.30pm Botafogo RJ 3x0 Goiás GO - Engenhão Stadium
23rd Sunday 6.30pm Flamengo RJ 3x1 Prudente SP
26th Wednesday 7.30pm Fluminense RJ 2x1 Flamengo RJ - DERBY
27th Thursday 9pm Vasco RJ 3x2 Internacional RS - São Januário Stadium
29th Saturday 6.30pm Flamengo RJ 1x1 Grêmio RS
30th Sunday 6.30pm Botafogo RJ 1x1 Vasco RJ - Engenhão Stadium DERBY
02nd Wednesday 7.30pm Fluminense RJ 2x1 Vitória BA
03rd Thursday 9pm Vasco RJ 0x1 Guarani SP - São Januário Stadium
05th Saturday 6.30pm Flamengo RJ 1x2 Goiás GO
06th Sunday 4pm Botafogo RJ 2x2 Corinthians SP - Engenhão Stadium
14th Wednesday 9pm Flamengo RJ 1x0 Botafogo RJ - Maracanã Stadium DERBY
15th Thursday 9pm Fluminense RJ 1x1 Prudente SP - Maracanã Stadium
17th Saturday 6.30pm Vasco RJ 3x1 Atlético PR - São Januário Stadium
18th Sunday 6.30pm Botafogo RJ 1x1 Guarani SP - Engenhão Stadium
21st Wednesday 9pm Flamengo RJ 1x1 Avai SC - Maracanã Stadium
22nd Thursday 9pm Fluminense RJ 1x0 Cruzeiro MG - Maracanã Stadium
24th Saturday 6.30pm Vasco RJ 2x0 Atlético GO - São Januário Stadium
25th Sunday 6.30pm Botafogo RJ 1x1 Fluminense RJ - Engenhão Stadium DERBY
31st Saturday 6.30pm Fluminense RJ 3x1 Atlético PR - Maracanã Stadium
01st Sunday 6.30pm Flamengo RJ 0x0 Vasco RJ - Maracana Stadium DERBY
07th Saturday 6.30pm Botafogo RJ 3x0 Atlético MG - Engenhão Stadium
08th Sunday 6.30pm Vasco RJ 1x0 Vitória BA - São Januário Stadium
14th Saturday 6.30pm Flamengo RJ 1x0 Ceará CE - Maracana Stadium

15th Sunday 4pm Fluminense RJ 3x0 Internacional RS - Maracana Stadium
21st Saturday 6.30pm Botafogo RJ 1x0 Avai SC - Engenhão Stadium
22nd Sunday 6.30pm Vasco RJ 2x2 Fluminense RJ - Maracana Stadium - DERBY
25th Wednesday 7.30pm Botafogo RJ 1x0 Ceará CE - Engenhão Stadium
26th Thursday 9pm Flamengo RJ 0x0 Atlético MG - Maracana Stadium

28th Saturday 6.30pm Vasco RJ 1x1 Cruzeiro MG - São Januário Stadium
29th Sunday 6.30pm Fluminense RJ 2x2 São Paulo SP - Maracana Stadium
01st Wednesday 10pm Fluminense RJ 1x1 Palmeiras SP - Maracana Stadium
04th Saturday 6.30pm Botafogo RJ 2x2 Grêmio RS - Engenhão Stadium
05th Sunday 4pm Flamengo RJ 0x0 Santos SP - Maracana Stadium LAST GAME
08th Wednesday 7:30pm Fluminense RJ 3x1 Ceará CE - Engenhão Stadium
09th Thursday 9pm Vasco RJ 1x1 Atletico MG - São Januario Stadium
11th Saturday 6:30pm Flamengo RJ 2x2 Vitória BA - Volta Redonda City
12th Sunday 4pm Botafogo RJ 2x0 São Paulo SP - Engenhão Stadium
15th Wednesday 10pm Fluminense RJ 1x2 Corinthians SP - Engenhão Stadium
16th Thursday 9pm Vasco RJ 1x1 Avai SC - São Januario Stadium
18th Saturday 6:30pm Botafogo RJ 2x2 Cruzeiro MG - Engenhão Stadium
19th Sunday 6:30pm Flamengo RJ 3x3 Fluminense RJ - DERBY - Engenhão Stadium
22nd Wednesday 9pm Vasco RJ 2x2 Botafogo RJ - DERBY- Engenhão Stadium
23rd Thursday 9pm Fluminense RJ 5x1 Atlético MG -
Engenhão Stadium
25th Saturday 6:30pm Flamengo RJ 1x3 Palmeiras SP - Engenhão Stadium
26th Sunday 4pm Botafogo RJ 1x1 Atlético PR - Engenhão Stadium
28th Tuesday 9pm Vasco RJ 3x1 Santos SP - São Januário Stadium

29th Wednesday 9pm Fluminense RJ 1x0 Avai SC - Volta Redonda City
01st Friday 9pm Vasco RJ 3x2 Goiás GO - São Januário Stadium
02nd Saturday 6:30pm Botafogo RJ 1x1 Flamengo RJ -
Engenhão Stadium DERBY
06th Wednesday 7:30pm Fluminense RJ 0x3 Santos SP - Engenhão Stadium

07th Thursday 9pm Flamengo RJ 2x0 Atletico GO - Volta Redonda City

09th Saturday 6:30pm Vasco RJ 3x3 Grêmio RS - São Januário Stadium
10th Sunday 4pm Botafogo RJ 0x0 Palmeiras SP - Engenhão Stadium
13th Wednesday 10pm Vasco RJ 2x0 Corinthians SP - São Januario Stadium
16th Saturday 6:30pm Flamengo RJ 3x0 Internacional RS - Engenhão Stadium

17th Sunday 6:30pm Fluminense RJ 0x0 Botafogo RJ – Engenhão Stadium
23rd Saturday 6:30pm Botafogo RJ 1x0 Vitoria BA - Engenhão Stadium
24th Sunday 6:30pm Vasco RJ 1x1 Flamengo RJ - Engenhão Stadium DERBY
27st Wednesday 10pm Flamengo RJ 1x1 Corinthians SP - Engenhão Stadium
28th Thursday 9pm Fluminense RJ 2x0 Grêmio RS - Engenhão Stadium
03rd Wednesday 7:30pm Botafogo RJ 3x2 Atlético GO - Engenhão Stadium
04th Thursday 9pm Vasco RJ 2x1 Prudente SP - São Januario Stadium
07th Sunday 7:30pm Flamengo RJ 0x1 Atlético PR - Volta Redonda City
07th Sunday 7:30pm Fluminense RJ 1x0 Vasco RJ - Engenhão Stadium
14th Sunday 7:30pm Vasco RJ 1x1 São Paulo SP - São Januário Stadium
14th Sunday 5pm Fluminense RJ 1x1 Goiás GO - Engenhão Stadium

20st Saturday 7:30pm Flamengo RJ 2x1 Guarani SP - Engenhão Stadium
21st Sunday 5pm Botafogo RJ 1x2 Internacional RS - Engenhão Stadium
28th Sunday 5pm Flamengo RJ 1x2 Cruzeiro MG - Volta Redonda City
28th Sunday 5pm Botafogo RJ 3x1 Prudente SP - Engenhão Stadium
05th Sunday 5pm Vasco RJ 2x0 Ceará CE - São Januário Stadium
05th Sunday 5pm Fluminense RJ 1x0 Guarani SP - Engenhão Stadium
01-Fluminense 71 CHAMPION 2010
02-Cruzeiro 69
03-Corinthians 68
04-Gremio 63
05-Atletico PR 60
06-Botafogo 59
07-Internacional 58
08-Santos 56
09-São Paulo 55
10-Palmeiras 50
11-Vasco 49
12-Ceará 47
13-Atletico MG 45
14-Flamengo 44
15-Avaí 43
16-Atletico GO 42
17-Vitoria 42
18-Guarani 37
19-Goiás 33
20 Prudente 28