Flamengo at Maracana! Photo by Alex from England.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Schedule for Maracana games in 2008

Some Happy Maracana Visitors

See below the schedule for games in Maracana for 2008. Contact me to know the schedule for other stadiums in Rio.
Guanabara Cup (First leg of Rio State Championship)
- Flamengo Champion
19th Sat 16:00 Fluminense 2vs0 Cardoso Moreira
20th Sun 16:00
Flamengo 2vs0 Boavista
23rd Wed 19:30
Caxias 2vs3 Fluminense
24th Thu 19:30 Cardoso Moreira 1vs4 Flamengo
26th Sat 20:30 Fluminense 2vs2 Macaé
27th Sun 18:10
Flamengo 5vs1 Caxias
29th Tue 19:30
Volta Redonda 1vs5 Fluminense
30th Wed 19:30 Macaé 0vs1 Flamengo


1st Fri 19:30 Fluminense 1vs1 Boavista
2nd Sat 18:10 Vasco 2vs3 Botafogo
6th Wed 21:45
Fluminense 6vs1 America
7th Thu 19:30 Flamengo 2vs1 Volta Redonda
10th Sun 18:10
Flamengo 1vs4 Fluminense
16th Sat 18:10 First Semi-final: Fluminense 0vs2 Botafogo
17th Sun 16:00 Second Semi-final: Flamengo 2vs1 Vasco
24th Sun 16:00 Final of Guanabara Cup: Botafogo 1vs2 Flamengo (Flamengo Champion of Guanabara Cup)
27th Wed 21:45 Flamengo 2vs1 Cienciano-PERU (Libertadores Cup)

Rio Cup (Second leg of Rio State championship) - Botafogo Champion
1st Sat 18:10 Cabofriense 1vs3 Fluminense
2nd Sun 18:10 Flamengo 4vs2 Resende
5th Wed 21:45 Fluminense 6vs0 Arsenal-ARGENTINA (Libertadores Cup)
8th Sat 18:10 Fluminense 5vs2 Friburguense
9th Sun 16:00 Flamengo 3vs1 Americano
12th Wed 19:30 Mesquita 0vs2 Flamengo
12th Wed 21:45 Resende 2vs2 Fluminense
15th Sat 18:10 Fluminense 2vs0 Americano
16th Sun 18:10 Flamengo 2vs3 Botafogo
19th Wed 21:45 Flamengo 2vs0 Nacional-URUGUAY (Libertadores Cup)
22nd Sat 16:00 Flamengo 2vs0 Cabofriense
23rd Sun 18.10 Fluminense 2vs1 Vasco
26th Wed 19:30 Fluminense 4vs1 Mesquita
26th Wed 21:45 Flamengo 4vs1 Friburguense
29th Sat 16:00 Madureira 0vs0 Flamengo
30rd Sun 18:10 Botafogo 3vs1 Fluminense


02nd Wed 21:45 Fluminense 2vs0 Libertad-PARAGUAY (Libertadores Cup)
6th Sun 16:00 Vasco 2vs2 Flamengo
12th Sat 18:30 Semi-final - Fluminense 1vs1 Vasco (5-4 penalties)
13rd Sun 16:00 Semi-final - Botafogo 3vs0 Flamengo
17th Thu 19:10 Fluminense 1vs0 LDU-ECUADOR (Libertadores Cup)
20th Sun 16:00 Final of Rio Cup - Fluminense 0vs1 Botafogo
23rd Wed 19:30 Flamengo 2vs0 Coronel Bolognesi-PERU (Libertadores Cup)
27th Sun 16:00 Final of Rio State Championship - Game 1: Flamengo 1vs0 Botafogo


04th Sun 16:00 Final of Rio State Championship - Game 2: Botafogo 1vs3 Flamengo Flamengo - Champion of Rio de janeiro 2008
06th Tue 18:30 8º final Libertadores Cup - Fluminense 1vs0 Nacional (Colombia)
07th Wed 21:50 8ºfinal Libertadores Cup - Flamengo 0vs3 America (Mexico)

Brazilian 2008 National Championship. See the fixture bellow.
Please contact to confirm the date and time.
11th Sun 18:10 Flamengo RJ 3vs1 Santos SP
18th Sun 16:00
Fluminense RJ 0vs2 Náutico PE
21st Wed 21:50 Libertadores Cup Quarter Finals - Fluminense 3vs1 São Paulo
24th Sat 18:10 Flamengo RJ 2vs1 Internacional RS
25th Sun 18:10 Botafogo RJ 1vs1 Vasco RJ (This game was played at Engenhão Stadium)


01st Sun 18:10 Fluminense RJ 0vs1 Flamengo RJ
04th Wed 21:50 Semi-final Libertadores Cup - Fluminense 3vs1 Boca Juniors (Argentina)
07th Sat 18:20 Flamengo RJ 5vs0 Figueirense SC
12th Thur 20:30 Fluminense RJ 1vs1 Santos SP
14th Sat 16:10 Flamengo RJ 2vs4 São Paulo SP

29th Sun 18:20 Fluminense RJ 0vs0 Botafogo RJ


02nd Wed 21:45 Fluminense 3vs1 LDU (Ecuador) (1-3) LDU Champion of Libertadores Cup
05th Sat 18:20 Flamengo RJ 3vs0 Náutico PE
09th Wed 20:30 Fluminense RJ 3vs0 Atlético PR
12th Sat 18:20 Fluminense RJ 2vs1 Vitória BA
13th Sun 18:10 Flamengo RJ 3vs1 Vasco RJ
19th Sat 18:20 Fluminense RJ 1vs0 Figueirense SC
20th Sun 18:10 Flamengo RJ 0vs1 Vitória BA

23rd Wed 21:50 Vasco RJ 3vs3 Fluminense RJ
26th Sat 18:20 Fluminense RJ 1vs3 Cruzeiro MG
27th Sun 18:10 Flamengo RJ 0vs0 Botafogo RJ


02nd Sat 18:20 Fluminense RJ 1vs2 Internacional RS
03rd Sun 16:00 Flamengo RJ 1vs2 Cruzeiro MG

06th Wed 21:50 Fluminense RJ 3vs1 São Paulo SP
09th Sat 18:20 Flamengo RJ 1vs0 Atlético PR
17th Sun 18:10 Fluminense RJ 1vs0 Atlético MG
21st Thu 20:30 Flamengo RJ 2vs1 Grêmio RS
23rd Sat 18:20 Fluminense RJ 1vs1 Sport PE
24th Sun 18:10 Vasco RJ 1vs1 Botafogo RJ

31st Sun 18:10 Flamengo RJ 2vs2 Fluminense RJ

06th Sat 18:20 Fluminense RJ 0vs0 Grêmio RS
10th Brazil 0vs0 Bolivia (2010 World Cup Qualifying)
20th Sat 18:20 Fluminense RJ 2vs3 Coritiba PR
21st Sun 18:10 Flamengo RJ 1vs0 Ipatinga MG
27th Sat 18:20 Flamengo RJ 2vs1 Sport PE

01st Wed 20:30 Fluminense RJ 1vs1 Goiás GO
11th Sat 18:20 Flamengo RJ 0vs3 Atlético MG
15th Wed 21:50 Brazil 0vs0 Colombia
(2010 WC Qualifying)
19th Sun 18:10 Vasco RJ 0vs1 Flamengo RJ
23rd Thu 20:30 Flamengo RJ 5vs0 Coritiba PR
25th Sat 16:00 Fluminense RJ 3vs0 Palmeiras SP

01st Sat 18:30 Flamengo RJ 2vs2 Portuguesa SP
02nd Sun 19:10 Fluminense RJ 0vs1 Vasco RJ
09th Sun 19:10 Botafogo RJ 0vs1 Flamengo RJ
15th Sat 18:30 Fluminense RJ 3vs1 Portuguesa SP
16th Sun 17:00 Flamengo RJ 5vs2 Palmeiras SP

30th Sun 17:00 Flamengo RJ 3vs3 Goiás GO

07th Sun 17:00 Fluminense RJ 1vs1 Ipatinga MG

23rd Tue 18:00 Game os the Stars (famous players invited)


Brazilian 2008 Final Standings
1 São Paulo 75 ----------- Brazilian 2008 Champion
2 Grêmio 72 ------------- Qualified for Libertadores 2009
3 Cruzeiro 67 ------------ Qualified for Libertadores 2009
4 Palmeiras 65 -----------Qualified for Libertadores 2009

5 Flamengo 64 ------------------Qualified for South American 2009
6 Internacional 54 --------------Qualified for South American 2009
7 Botafogo 53 -------------------Qualified for South American 2009
8 Goiás 53 ----------------------Qualified for South American 2009
9 Coritiba 53 --------------------Qualified for South American 2009
10 Vitória 52 --------------------Qualified for South American 2009

11 Sport 52 --------------Qualified for Libertadores 2009
12 Atlético-MG 48 ---------------Qualified for South American 2009
13 Atlético-PR 45 ----------------Qualified for South American 2009
14 Fluminense 45 ----------------Qualified for South American 2009

15 Santos 45
16 Náutico 44
17 Figueirense 44 ---------------------Relegated to 2nd Division 2009
18 Vasco 40 ---------------------------Relegated to 2nd Division 2009
19 Portuguesa 38 ---------------------Relegated to 2nd Division 2009
20 Ipatinga 35 ------------------------Relegated to 2nd Division 2009


Maracana will probably be closed in 2010 to get ready for WC 2014


Timothy Crowley said...

hello, a few of us are going to be in Rio from 20 Feb through 24 Feb (departing night of 24 Feb). I see there is a game on 24 Feb. Will it be sold out and what time is the game?

Also, are there any other games during those days?



Sergio said...

Hi Timothy.
Maracana have almost 90.000 capacity. You can arrange a tour to the game from your hotel/hostel. The problem is that you're leaving at the dame day. The time of the game on 24th isn't yet scheduled but it's probably at 4pm.
There is no other agem during that time. I'm sorry.

david said...


We are going to be in Rio starting on the 6th feb and want to go to the game on the 7th or the 10th. Can you tell us the best way to buy tickets?.

We also just sent you an email asking the same thing.


Nancye said...

Hi Sergio,

I will be in Rio Feb 16-18 and am wondering what the best way to get tickets for a game on that Saturday or Sunday. Thanks in advance for your help!


Sergio said...

Hi Nancye,
Those games will be the semi-finals and wil atract more people. Tickets will be put on sale a few days before only.
If you don't want to join a package tour, you will need to try to get tickets before as any local will. If there is tickets left they will be put on sale at the same day of the game only at Maracana.
You can contact me anytime if need further information!

Pedro said...

I will be in Rio from feb20 until March 2 and want to watch a good game. I see that there are a few games to choose from. Which game would be best to watch, lots of fans and lots of music?? Also, is it safe at these games, i've heard you have to be careful.

Sergio said...

Hey Pedro,
Definetely the best games is on the 24th: it's a Cup final and will probably be a local derby. The games on 27th and 28th will also atracts lots of fans because it's about South American Libertadores Cup. So, any game you choose during that period will be great! It will be hard to get tickets, but you can joing a package. Write me directly if need any further information. Sergio

Dan said...

Looks like the flu v fla derby will be a pretty important match...we'll be there for that game, can't wait!

Sergio said...

Hi Dan,
Actually, Both teams will play with lots of replacements!!! Flamengo is alredy the first of the group and Fluminense is the second. The game will only play the big rivalry!!!!! ;-)))
Will be there too!!!

Aelyssa said...

***YEAH!!! This schedule is just for ME!!! I am in Rio on sunday 24!!!! Wanna see the game for sure!!! Is that possible to get ticket now and how much will it cost??? Are you going yourself????wht time we have to be there?? I am living in SP now since 3 weeks and wanna experience this great moment!!!***

Sergio said...

Hi Aelyssa.
No, tickets for the final on 24th, will only be o sale a week before (after the semi-finals finish).
It will cost 40 Reais and the game wil start at 4pm. It's better to arrive early (2 or 3 hours before) to avoid the crowd. It's possible to be soldout before the day of te game.
I may go, but am not sure how easy it will be to get tickets...
Write aytime to my e-mail for further information.
Cheers. Sergio

Aelyssa said...

**Thanks for the advice....I will cheick that!!!**

Nancye said...

thank you sergio! so its best to go to the stadium a few hours before the game to get tickets, is that correct? do you know what time the games are this coming sat and sunday? thanks in advance, i cant wait to get to your beautiful country!!!

Sergio said...

Hi Nancye,
Tickets are already on sale for both games. Saturday the game starts at 6:10pm and Sunday it starts at 4pm.
I'm just worried about you if tickets are soldout!! ;-(((
Ask at your hotel reception. They might help you.
If you go by yourself, you better arrive earlier (about 3 hours before)... Let me know what you did, ok?
Welcome to Brazil!
Take care. Cheers,

Nancye said...

I am worried too. I guess I just take a chance and see what happens...
Thanks again for the great advice!

John said...

It sounds like some games our sold out ahead of time and some aren't. How do we know if coming internationally? Travel dates are April 15th to May 5th, but not all in Rio. Which games are best in that time period? Thanks for your help and website.

Sergio said...

Hi John,
Final games and derbies have more chance to be soldout and you only know at the week of the game when tickets are put on sale.
At that period (15th april to 5th may) you have plenty of excellent options for games in maracana.
Definetely you should try the final games on 20th or 27th april or 4th may. They will definetely be local derbies and more exciting, but harder to get tickets!
Hope it helps!
Cheers, Seergio
17th Thu 19:30 Fluminense vs LDU-ECUADOR (Libertadores Cup)
20th Sun Final of Rio Cup
23rd Wed 19:30 Flamengo vs Coronel Bolognesi-PERU (Libertadores Cup)
27th First game of final of Rio State Championship

04th Second game of final of Rio State Championship

Pilar said...

Hello Sergio,

We will be spending our honeymoon in Rio and as avid Futbol fans, we would love to go to the Copa Libertadores game on the 19th. Any suggestions on how to get tickets? You have mentioned tours...can you give me a little bit more info.? We are soooo excited!!
Thanks for your input,

Pilar & Diego

Sergio said...

Hi Pilar & Diego,
Tickets are only put on sale, about a week before the game and for that game, they cost from 30 to 150 Reais, depending on the sections you go sit.
Please write me directly and I will give you further information on the game and maracana.

Our Family said...

I will be in town on March 22 for the Flamengo v. Cabofriense game. I don't suspect tickets for that game would sell out would they? (Last time I just bought the tickets at the door, no problem). Is it possible to get them online in advance? Is that cheaper than getting them the day of the event?

Sergio said...

Hi there,
There is no online selling tickets. They are put on sale about a week before the game and definetely won't be soldout. You can arrive earlier and buy ticket at Maracana.
Write me directly if need further information.

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer said...

Hello Sergio,
Great site. I'm glad you put out the Maracana schedule. very helpful. I'm curious about going to this Saturday's game (March 29th) at 4pm. It is with Madureira (i've never heard of this team). I can't imagine this being a tough ticket to get. Also, I have a 4 month old baby with me. Can you recommend a baby friendly section and price of ticket? Very much appreciated.


Sergio said...

Hi Jennifer.
Thanks for visiting.
Madureira is suburb of Rio and its team is very tradutional but without supporters. The team isn't good neither!!!! Tickets for this game can definetely be bought just a hour before...
And there is no such baby friendly section. You can go though to lower blue section. Maracana is very noisy and not really confortable for babies...

jess2008 said...

Hi Sergio,
I've seen that the Flamengo vs Fluminense derby is on 31/08/08.. i'd love to go to this but only arrive in Rio either on the 30th or 31st August. DO you know what time the game will be? Since it will be a sellout - how far in advance do you need to buy tickets? is there anywhere online that you can get them beforehand?
Thanks for your help

Sergio said...

Hi Jess,
The Fla-Flu game on 31st August will be or at 4pm or 6:10pm. They haven't yet released the timetable.
It won't probably be soldout. Only very importants games (like finals or semi-finals or Brazil's) are soldout lately... Don't worry about tickets. They will be on sale at the day of the game also.
Please write me directly if need further information.

John said...

Will there still be a game taking place on May 4th? The second game of the Rio State Championship?. Has this been determined yet?


Sergio said...

Hi John,
yes, there is a game on 4th May. Yesterday (sunday) it was determined the other finalist: Flamengo and Botafogo.
First game next Sunday 27th and second game on 4th May. Both games start at 4pm. Tickets aren't yet on sale. Maybe tomorrow...
Contact me directly if need more information.

Aisling said...

Hi Sergio,
I would like to go to the Fluminense v Atletico match on 9th July. What's the best way of getting tickets? I will be in Rio from 1st - 10th July.

Camilla said...

Hi Sergio

We will be in Rio Monday 19th of May - Thursday 22nd of May. A game at Maracana would be a "once in a lifetime" experience for us!

As far as I can see, the only available game is:

21st Wed 21:50 Libertadores Cup Quarter Finals - Fluminense vs São Paulo

Can you tell me whether this match is certain and if it is possible to get tickets?



Sergio said...

Hi Camilla,
This game is confirmed and will atract tones of fans and because of that it will be a bit hard to get tickets.
This is for Latin American Libertadores Cup (first game this coming wednesday in Sao Paulo).
Feel free to contact me directly to get further information on how to go to this game in maracana.

dayanam25 said...

Hey!!! I will be the weekend of 24,25 and 26th at Rio. I want to know if the play scheduled for the 24th Sat 18:10 Flamengo RJ vs Internacional RS, is still going... real thanks!

Sergio said...

Saturday at 6:10pm Flamengo vs Internacional is confirmed at Maracana.
Contact me directly if interested in.

Ruddy said...

Hello Sergio

I'm in Rio for May 23-27. I would like to go to the game on May 24. How do I get tickets? Thanks for any help.


Sergio said...

Hi Sara,
Tickets are already available for next saturday game at a few places and they cost:
40 Reais (upper white section)
30 Reais (upper green and yellow sections)
20 Reais (lower blue section)
120 Reais (upper blue section).
They will not be soldout, so it's possible to buy them just before getting in (about 1 or 2 hours before).
Contact me directly if you need a guide or any further information, ok?
Thanks again.

age said...

I will be in Rio from 6/18-6/26. Are there any other events at the stadium during that time?

Or are there any other football games within reasonable traveling distance during that time?


Sergio said...

Hi Adrian,
There is no game in Maracana during your staying here, but there are some games at other venues in Rio:
21st June saturday 6:10pm
Botafogo RJ vs Portuguesa SP at Engenhao Stadium i the suburbs.
22nd June Sunday 4pm Vasco RJ vs Palmeiras SP at São Januário Stadium i the suburbs.
Contact me directly if need further info.

Jorge said...

Hey Sergio,

When do they start selling tickets for the libertadores final?

Sergio said...

Hi Jorge,
they haven't yet announced, but it may be around 23rd june. But it's just my guess...
For this game it will be to difficult to buy a ticket.

ben said...

Hey Sergio,
Thanks a lot for this site, I've had a difficult time finding a site with the football fixtures at macarana thats not in portuguese!
I'd like to go to the match on sunday the 20th, would it be a good match, considering im in rio from the 19th to the 26th? how would i get tickets?
thanks, Ben

Sergio said...

Hi Ben,
Thanks for visiting. Maracana is really worth it. And the blog is meant to help you guys!
But I'm not sure exactly when you will be here...
But in anyway ,contact me directly and I will give you all info you may need to attend a game in Maracana.
Thanks a lot.

rfbsoccer said...

I am going to be in town the last week in July and I see there are going to be 2 games in Maracana. Is there a way to get tickets pre-sale online? Or will I be able to walk up to the stadium the day of and get in?

Thank You

Sergio said...

Hi Randall,
The games in July you refer at are:
26th Sat 18:20 Fluminense RJ vs Cruzeiro MG and 27th Sun 18:10 Flamengo RJ vs Botafogo RJ.
Tickets are only put on sale about a week before each game. The second game (on 27th) is a local derby and will atract more people.
But I think you can show up about 2 or 3 hours before the game and buy your ticket.
Contact me directly if you need further information, ok?
Thanks for passing by!
Cheers, Sergio

Delphine said...


Thanks a lot for all the information and your kind aswers to all of us tourists.

as for us, we will be in Rio at the beginning of August: how does the August 9. game sound to you ( it's Flamengo X Atlético (PR) )?

Thank you!


Sergio said...

Hi Delphine,
Thanks for your comments.
Well, the game on 9th August is a Flamengo game and it's always good!
;-) It's about Brazilian Championship and Flamengo is the most popular team in Brazil.
Let me know if you need further information on that game. Contact me directly!
Regards, Sergio

june said...

hi sergio, i will be in brazil in early september. will the Fluminense RJ vs Grêmio RS match on sept 05th or 06th be a good game or should i save my money to see the Brazil vs Bolivia (2010 World Cup Qualifying) match instead. what are the price/time differences?


Sergio said...

Hi June,
Thanks for contacting.
One game is completely different from the other. The Fluminense vs Gremiocan be very interesting but it depends on how good those teams will be at the League at that point. Brazil vs Bolivia is for 2010 World Cup Qualifying which means that it will be soldout at first day. If you can see both it's perfect. Tickets for local game costs the around 30 Reais and for Brazil it's around 60 Reais. Contact me directly for further informations, ok?
Thanks again for contacting!
Best regards,

Julie Stein said...

sergio, we are interested in tickets with a group / package tour for the game on Sunday July 28 2008. Can you suggest a tour company or guide to go with? I tried to email you directly but couldn't find your email address on your profile. Thanks!!

Sergio said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks for visiting the blog.
But my e-mail is at my profile, bellow the photo...
The game you're talking about is on 27th July and not 28th. ;-)
Please write me again directly for further information on that game.
Thanks again,

paul said...

Hey Sergio, cool blog, well done!
Will be in Brazil from 31st July until 10th August,looking to catch a football game.Should be in Rio from 3rd August until 10th.I'm thinking the Flamengo-cruziero game should be the best?Are they currently top of the table?Would tickets be hard for that game?Any suggestions welcome, thanks man :) paul from Ireland

paul said...

Hey Sergio, cool blog, well done!
Will be in Brazil from 31st July until 10th August,looking to catch a football game.Should be in Rio from 3rd August until 10th.I'm thinking the Flamengo-cruziero game should be the best?Are they currently top of the table?Would tickets be hard for that game?Any suggestions welcome, thanks man :) paul from Ireland

Sergio said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for visiting!
Currently, Flamengo is 1st and Cruzeiro is 2nd, but it probably will be changed until then! But definetely it's a good game to for!
Tickets are put on sale about a week before and depending on the interest on the game (changeable) it can be harder or not. But in general it's possible to buy tickets at the same day of the game.
Contact me directly for further information on that or any other game in maracana. Thanks again.
Best, Sergio

Neneh said...


I would like to attend the game of 09th August 2008 18:20 Flamengo RJ vs Atlético PR.

DO you think you can help me get the tickets ?



I cant seem to email you so it will be good that you can reply to my email here.

bicrom said...

Hi Sergio,

I am going to be in Rio from this Friday, the 22nd, for a week. Someone had told me that there was a game every Wednesday but there doesn~t seem to be one for this week; is this true. Of the two weekend games are tickets still available? I couldn~t find your email address i~m afraid but am on Many thanks, bic

Paul said...

Hi Sergio,
I noticed you have posted on the calender section, that the Maracana is to close in 2009.
What part of 2009 will this be ? Will the State Championship games be played there before it closes ?

Do you think the Brasil x Colombia game will be the last of the World cup qualifiers to be played at the Maracana ?

I'm also interested to know if Suderji plan to just revamp the old stadium or do they intend knocking it down and starting again ?
How long will the Maracana be closed ? and what will be the capacity after the work is completed.

Whilst the Maracana remains closed, where will Flamengo play, have they got any further with their plans to build a new stadium at Gavea ? And can you ever see a time when Flu will play smaller teams in either the Carioca Championship or early rounds of Copa Brasil at their ground in Larenjiras again ?

Great Blog Mate,
Thanks in advance for any info you can give.


Sergio said...

Hi Paul,
I am really impressed by your knowledge. ;-)
Thanks for contacting and for your kind comment. You have sooo many questions that you'd better write me directly, but I will try to answer them. ;-)))
Yes, it's official: Maracana will be closed in 2009. We don't know yet when exactly it will happen and how long it will take. Maybe even the Rio State Championship, at the beggining of the year, may not be played there.
Brazil-Colombia game is confirmed at Maracana and it's possible that it will be the last Qualifier game for WC2010 played in Maracana, because the Qualifing ends next year.
I don't know yet what exactly they will do in the stadium, but definetely they won't knock it down. This was an idea completely rejected by public opinion a few years ago.
The capacity of Maracana is today 90.000 and I think it will remains the same.
Flamengo and Fluminense that plays their home games in Maracana are in negociation to find another place for next year. It will probably be at new stadium Engenhao (official name is Joao Havelange Stadium) wich is today rented for Botafogo.
I don't think Fluminense will play early games at Laranjeiras anymore. It's too small.
Write me directly if you need further information, ok?
Best Regards

Johnny said...

Hi Sergio,

Great website. I will be in Rio on 15th October and I see that Brazil V Columbia will be on in the Maracana for the World Cup Qualifiers. Can you tell me how I would go about getting tickets for this and what should I expect to pay?



Sergio said...

Hi Johnny,
Thanks for your comment.
Well, at Brazil game it is always hard to get tickets. They are put on sale about 10 days before the game. Long lines are formed the first day and it goes soldout very fast! But you can expect to pay around 200-300 Reais for a package (ticket and transport included) from travel operators.
Contact me directly if you need further information on this game or any local game! Best regards,

june said...

hi sergio! i just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful tour. it was real treat to see a live football game inside the famed maracana stadium and i highly recommend your tour for anyone interested in watching a game there while visiting rio. it was one of the highlights of our trip and it was such a pleasure to meet you and to learn more about the teams that were playing. this blog, the schedule and your tour do a great service, keep up the good work. aloha!

Katherine said...

Hello Sergio,

We will be in Rio November 3-12th, and the Nov. 9th game is interesting to us. Your website said: 09th Sun Botafogo RJ vs Flamengo RJ (This game is about to be confirmed at Maracanã).

Do you know if it is confirmed?

Many thanks,


Sergio said...

Hi katherine,
Thanks for contacting.
This game Botafogo vs Flamengo (local derby) next 9th November is first scheduled for Engenhao Stadium, but it isn't yet confirmed. Some people are concerned about security if the game isn't at Maracana.
Contact me directly or visit the blog later for more information on that.
Best regards,

AxeZen said...

Hello guys,

Most probably, I am gonna be in Brazil from Jan 4th, 2009 to Jan 16th, 2009. Do you know if I can catch a good game in Maracana? If there will be a good game, I may arrange my trip according to that. And how much will the game ticket cost in US dollars approximately?

Muito obrigado :)

Sergio said...

Hi AxeZen,
Thanks for contacting!
Well if we see this year (2008), the season started on 19th january. For 2009 it will probably start in 17th january. The season starts with Rio de Janeiro State Championship and the schedule will only be released at the end on this year. In any case, what you call a "good game", would be a local derby (games between Flamengo, Fluminense, Vasco and Botafogo teams) and it would be on february, I guess.
One single ticket costs today 30 Reais (+- 15US), but price may be increased a little for next year.
Contact me directly or check my blog later, for more information, ok?
Best regards,

nick said...

Heard the Maracana will be close in 2009. Will it happen in Jan-Feb? When will be the safe time to have a chance to see a game in Maracana in Jan-Feb. We plan to spend about 4 days in Rio. Thanks.

Sergio said...

Hi Nick. Thanks for contacting!
Well, it's just been announced that Maracana will not be closed next year (2009), but in 2010. The schedule hasn't yet been released, but traditionally, the season starts at middle January. If you have 4 days here, I would take them around the weekend 24th/25th jan.
contact me directly for further informations or visit the blog later. I will post in here the 2009schedule as soon as we have it!
Regrads, Sergio

Andy Levy said...

Hi - I'll be in Rio 28 Dec - 2nd Jan

Are there any games on at the Maracana or anywhere ese in Rio?

If so, how do i get tickets?


Sergio said...

Hi Andy,
Thanks for visiting, but unfortunately the season is over.
The next season starts on 25th January 2009 in Maracana.
Best regards,

Una said...

Hi Sergio
We will be ariving in Rio on Friday the 6th of November and we will be there for a week staying around coco/ipanema and we would like to see a game while we are there
Can you please e mail me details to

ALAN WOODS said...

Hi Sergio
I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago and you mentioned the games at the Maracana on 29 October (Fluminese v Athletico) and 1 November (Flamengo v Santos). Could you now please tell me what's the best way of getting tickets for these games?

Sergio said...

Hi Allan,
Yes I remember.
Tickets are put on sale at the Clubs and at Maracana about a week before the game.
If you don't want to join a package tour, you will need to try to get tickets as any local do. You can contact me directly at my e-mail at anytime if need further information!
Thanks again.

ejendomsservice said...


Wow what an impressive blog you got :-)

I belong to a litte group of danish people in Brazil. We want to follow the danish national team in South Africa 2010.

I hope people wille come by our site, and I hope its okay I post a link for the site here. Otherwise just delete :-)

ejendomsservice said...


Wow what an impressive blog you got :-)

I belong to a litte group of danish people in Brazil. We want to follow the danish national team in South Africa 2010.

I hope people wille come by our site, and I hope its okay I post a link for the site here. Otherwise just delete :-)

Sergio said...

Thanks for visiting by.
It's ok, as soon it's about football.
And good lucky to Danmark in South Africa. :-)