Flamengo at Maracana! Photo by Alex from England.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Schedule for Maracana games

Match au Maracana - Soccer at Maracana

2006 Brazilian Championship

SEASON ended 3rd December 2006.
The next season starts on 24th January 2007. See the post above to obtain the schedule for 2007 in Maracana..
Contact me if you want to see a game in Maracana with a local that loves this game and this stadium.
Contactez moi si ça vous dit d'aller voir un match au Maracana avec un habitant de Rio.
2006 Standings Brazilian Championship (FINAL RESULT) (* GREEN are qualyfied for Libertadores Cup 2007

1 São Paulo 78 Champion of Brazil 2006
2 Internacional 69
3 Grêmio 67
4 Santos 64
5 Paraná 60
6 Vasco 59
7 Figueirense 57
8 Goiás 55
9 Corinthians 53
10 Cruzeiro 53
11 Flamengo 52 Champion of Brazil's Cup
12 Botafogo 51
13 Atlético PR 48
14 Juventude 47
15 Fluminense 45
16 Palmeiras 44
17 Ponte Preta 39 RELEGATED
18 Fortaleza 38 RELEGATED
19 São Caetano 36 RELEGATED
20 Santa Cruz 28 RELEGATED

Atletico Mineiro (MG), Sport (PE), Nautico (PE) and America (RN) are ugraded to First League in 2007.


Nico said...

Nice blog, bonito :)
thought this blog can help you

englishcorner said...

So cool to find your site. I went to three or four games back in 1975, and saw games with Flamengo, Vasco, Botofogo, and Flu (my favorite). I got back again in late January, 1989 and watched Fluminense win another (against whom I can't remember).

Maracana is the greatest stadium in the world!

Tommy said...

Impressive stadium!
Cool blog too!

Harsha V. Madhyastha said...


My friend and I are planning to go the Fluminense vs. Grêmio game on October 26th. Is that game expected to be sold out? How long in advance should we buy the tickets?


maracana said...

Hi Harsha.
At this game on 26th, you probably won't need to buy tickets in advance, because it isn't going to atract much people. (local team Fluminense isn't doing well so far at the championship). You can contact me if you feel going with a local guide.

Tanner said...

Probably a stupid question, is the game on Nov 19th at Maracana? Would I need to buy tickets in advance? What time does the game start?

Tanner said...

Same questions for the 18th of Nov.

maracana said...

Hi Tanner.
It's not stupid!
The games you mentioned are:
18th Nov Botafogo x Goias (GO)
19th Nov Flamengo x Figueirense (SC).
Both games wil be played in Maracana, but still they haven't released yet the time of start. It will be 4pm or 6:10 pm thought. Probably it won't be necessary to buy ticket in advance.
If you need a guide to accompanying you to the game, you can contact me directly.
Thanks for visiting!

Tanner said...

What are typical costs to games?
What are your fees?

maracana said...

There are 2 prices you can apply for: 15R for the popular sector or 30R for the special sector (sometimes there are a 20R for a Touristic sector). But the fun is at the 15R sector.
Please contact me directly for further information on guided services.
Tour at hotels costs about 100R.

maracana said...

Hi. Just to correct a mistake I did last post: the correct price for special sector in Maracana is 50R.

superstar said...
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Totti said...

Nice blog!!
is there any match between 5th and 15th of January. I'll be in rio and I would love to watch Vasco, Botafogo, Flu, Fla...

maracana said...

Hi Totti,
There won't be any game in Maracana during that period (5-15th January 2007). Sorry! The season starts on 24th January!
I will post here the schedule for 2007.

Jaime said...

Maybe it's something I don't understand but I have never for the life of me figured out why Fla, Flu and Fogão never got together and buy out the Maracanã from the city. I'm aware that all those clubs have had corrupt administrations in the past but still it remains that neither have had a true "home ground" except for like a small 8,000 ground in the case of Flu. I think it would have been better if there was a consortium of those three (maybe add Vasco if they no longer want the São Januario) got together and took over the Maracanã, then add executive boxes on one side, put in a modern video board and modern roof. Better yet, build a modern, badder Maracanã on the same site.

matt_scun81 said...

I arrive in Rio on may 2nd and want nothing mre than to see a game at the maracana but as i see things the only game left in the season is the final, is that right? and is it possible to get a tickect for the game?

maracana said...

On the 6th May it's the final game and tickets aren't yet on sale. It's too early. But definetely will be soldout.
The Brazilian League starts on 12th May, but they haven't released the schedule yet. It's also possible to have some game for Libertadores Cup (South American League) and Brazil's Cup.
Things aren't yet confirmed, but it seems that Maracana stadium will be closed from 7th May, to get ready to the Pan American games in July.
You can contact me directly if you feel going to a game with a local guide.

andrea said...

Hi ! We will be in Rio the first week of November...are there any games scheduled for those dates? Txs--!

Paige said...

I are there any games around Sept 8-10, 2008? I will be in town and would love to go to a game. Also, if there is a game, would it be hard to get tickets?

Sergio said...

Hi Page,
Thanks for visiting the blog!!
During your staying in here 8-10 september 2008, there is only one game, but it's a huge game: Brazil vs Bolivia for 2010 World Cup Qualifying!!!
For that game it would be extremely hard to get tickets!!! Tickets are put on sale about 10 days before the game.
Write me directly if you need further informations!
Best Regards,

Priya said...

Hi! My husband and I are big soccer fans and love your site! We arrive into Rio on Sept. 4 and will be travelling around Brazil until Sept 17th (we haven't figured out exactly where we will be going doing during those 2 weeks yet)... could you tell me what games will be at Maracana during that time? We cannot leave Rio without seeing a game! I would love to get tickets for the Brazil World Cup qualifier... where or whom can I purchase those through? Really appreciate the info! Thanks!

Sergio said...

Hi Priya,
Thanks for visiting and for the comments! I apreciated!
During your staying here we have the follow games:
06th Saturday 18:20 Fluminense RJ vs Grêmio RS at Maracana Stadium
10th Wednesday 21:50 Brazil vs Bolivia (2010 World Cup Qualifying) at Engenhao Stadium
14th Sunday 18:10 Botafogo RJ vs Internacional RS at Engenhao Stadium
As you can see, only the first game will be played at Maracana Stadium. The other 2 games will be played at new stadium called Engenhao.
For locals game it's easier to get ticket, but for Brazil game it will be really hard to get them.
Please, contact me directly at my e-mail for further information on those games.
Best regards,

Ilan said...

i am coming with my wife for match on nov 30 2008 Flamengo RJ vs Goiás GO.

Can you confirm kick off time (I heard 16.00 and 17.00)

We are going to be arriving from Ilha Grande that morning so are short of time. Can you suggest best way of getting tickets.